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  "From perfect bridge work and capping to teeth fillings, root canals, tooth extractions as a last resort, Dr. Raj Mohan, DDS is a world-class dentist extraordinaire!! He fulfills your complete dental needs to perfection himself without delegation to another dentist. His pricing is very reasonable. He performs with a smile. He is my dentist. I am a technologist and have seen many dentists for over 60 years. He is absolutely the best!!
Eric Edwards - Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Raj Mohan is my Dentist for many many years,since the time he was located on Lafayette Ave  and now in the present location. Dr. Mohan performs all the job duties in a manner above or Consideably above the requirements of his job skill.
                                                                                     He does Quality & accurate work also very efficently. Dr. Mohan developes Good Relation with Patients and with his Staff. Dr. Mohan is a very Organized person working in a orderly manner  priortizes and uses time effectively. I am Glad that Dr.Mohan is serving the community. I have recommended to some people on my job too!!

P.S. OVerall Dr. Raj Mohan is a Very Acceptable Dentist-HEALTHY SMILE!!


Very impressed with Dr. Mohan's expertise and genuine concern and alleviation of his patient's anxieties. Wouldn't change anything! Office staff exceptionally nice and make my visits pleasurable.
-Emilyann Cummings

 I am very pleased with the services and the professionalism of all the employees and Dr. Mohan. If I had any problems, I would not talk so highly of my dentist and would have not referred all the people that i did. Thanks< keep up the good service !!!
-Lisa Marie Alfonoso

Procdeure- Smile Make over
"When I first got my smile makeover, I couldn't stop smiling. It's so contagious, now everyone around me smiles a lot more too. I have a big smile and it was extremely important to me that my teeth looked natural. Dr. Mohan designed my smile with me and I am so incredibly happy with the results."
-Dadzie Nicholas

Procedure-Smile Make Over
For my work I need to have a powerful smile. Dr. Mohan delivered just that! I love the staff at his office and he was so caring and really took his time with me. I just wish that I had found him years sooner."

Procedure: Porcelain Veneers

"I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Mohan's office that resulted in the smile I've always dreamed of."
-Leslie Kendal


Dental Implants
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