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Digital X-Rays

ScanX Digital Imaging System

Digital Imaging Without Limits.
ScanX utilizes photo stimulable phosphor (PSP) technology. These wafer-thin, flexible and wireless PSP imaging plates provide ample comfort for every patient.

What is PSP?
  • Digital PSP solutions eliminate the traditional film processor and deliver the size range and flexibility of traditional film in a digital format
  • PSP easily converts existing film based panoramaic (cephalometric) systems to digital.

Why DenOptix QST?
Delivers maximum productivity, unmatched flexibility and superior reliability
  • Clean, fast, chemical free digital processing
  • Reliable, consistent digital image output
  • Improved patient comfort with wireless, flexible and thin imaging plates
  • Positions like film and delivers ease of integration
  • Delivers digital imaging to entire practice in one simple, economical step.

Unmatched flexibility

It offers: 

  • Easy to position wireless plates provide patients with greater Comfort.

Superior reliability

Delivers superior and reliable, radiogrphic images.
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